Snow Plowing Service


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The cost of snow plowing in Antioch, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Gleenview, Green Oaks, Glencoe, Grayslake, Hawthorn Woods, Highland Park, Lake ForestLibertyville, Lincolnshire,Long Grove, Mundelein, Northbrook, Palatine, Round Lake, Vernon Hills, Wilmette and Winnetka.

For now over 6" the rates are 1.5 times
For now over 8", it will require a second service

Snow Plowing Prices
Sidewalks & Steps * $ 5.00
Small Driveway $ 40.00
Medium Driveway $ 50.00
Large Driveway $ 60.00
Very Large Driveway $ 70.00

Snow Plowing Prices

* Must have driveway service.

SALTING - Salt by request only. Salt will based on the size of the driveway. On average the charge will be $35 per driveway.

(allscape will not be responsible for salt damage that may occour)

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